The Day

Every wedding is different: the guests, the sensitivity, the style, the atmosphere... You.


My objective is to highlight all those elements that make your wedding a unique space-time. I'll pay attention to those floating moments, those laughters, those looks, those gestures and anecdotes which will turn your day into a series of exclusive instants

I generally avoid asking people to pose, because that ends up being a little bit common. However, I encourage you to take the time to do a family picture which will only take a few minutes but will become precious over time. 

During the day, I'll try to be everywhere and as discreet as possible at the same time, a wedding is not a shooting day. It is in that spirit that I will make sure I don't use too much of your time to take some couple pictures during the day. At the most suitable moment for you, we'll take a moment for that and make sure we keep the spontaneity of it.

Of all the facets of my job as a photographer, the one that touches me the most is the wedding photography; I know how important these photos are, they are images that will follow you all your life, images that will never fade...



My approach to wedding shooting drives me to stay with you along the day, in order to cover a maximum of unique instants...

What's included: my presence during the day, a professional gallery which will allow you to share them with your guests (with a minimum of 650 pictures all in HD, ready to print), the post-production of all images, an app to get access to your pics rapidly via your smartphone and finally, a gift :-) 

We will of course meet each other, preferably in person or via video conference, in order to get to know each other and talk about the agenda of your day, which I would be glad to be a part of :-) 

After receiving your mail, I'll send you a full wedding reportage. So you will have a perfect idea of what i can do for you


A few words about me…

But not too much…


I am Denis Erroyaux, in love with Aurélie, day after day, and father of Ari and Aden for ever :-)

I love cities, Lisbon, Taiwan, video games, go to the beach with the kids, discover new flavors. But also meet lovers, take pictures. Watch them and remember.